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Thanksgiving In All Things
There should be no recalling of past hurts on this Thanksgiving day. There should only be the recalling of the countless and innumerable ways I have blessed you and kept you. You pay Me no honor when you think only of your self on this day.

You shared the phrase, Happy Thanksgiving, with others, but you failed to be happy or thankful. You do Me no honor when you cannot set apart one day of the year, at the very least, to honor Me and to exalt My name.

Why is it that you only think about receiving and You do not give unto Me? You have not followed my explicit command: 1Ch 16:8 "Give thanks unto the LORD, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the people."

You must give thanks in all things. You must call upon Me so that I might answer with favor. You must make My name and deeds known to others. You must not live unto yourself, or only for those you know who return your love to you. You do Me no honor when you keep Me separate and hidden from others, yes, even those that are afar off this day.

Please Me with gratitude, praise, and thanksgiving so that I might have such a one to use for My glory. That is how you honor Me on this day and always. Little one, do not hold back your heart from Me. This is a grievous wrong and you cannot advance in the Kingdom until you repent of a thankless life. Bless Me that I might bless you and all you do for the sake of the Gospel.

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