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Urgent Prayer From Don And Karen
Thanks so much for praying with us. The Lord listens to the heart cry of His people.

Please send us your requests!

“Duniya” needs our prayer today. She is a Russian Christian from Osh, Kyrgystan [KEER-gi-stan]. You have probably heard the news about the violence which is surging against 250,000 ethnic Uzbeks in the south (most of them are Muslim). Late last week, my fellow worker received this email from Duniya. As you read her anguished words, please to our merciful Lord to intervene on behalf of these beleaguered friends!

“One of my relatives went out today at great risk to get groceries for his household. On his way he saw an old man badly injured who was lying in the street. He wanted to help him and turned him over onto his back. Immediately a group of young men ran up and starting kicking the old man fiercely. My relative heard one of these youths say, “He’s Kyrgyz” Another said, “No he’s Uzbek, let’s set him on fire.” When my relative returned the old man lay burned to death.

“Whole blocks of Uzbek homes have been torched and burned. Women and children are being mercilessly killed. Many bodies and injured people are lying in the streets without anyone to help… authorities are doing nothing to stop the conflict and are silent. It seems that the whole situation was planned out in advance and that no one planned to put a stop to it …

“On top of all of this there is a shortage of food as the stores have been vandalized. When our food supply runs out we will go hungry. The news is reporting that humanitarian aid is getting in but the supply is very limited. Not long ago bread was given out but for some reason they refused to give it to the Russians. We are not concerned about humanitarian aid, we simply want to live!

“…People have “tasted blood” with no consequences and will not stop the killing. We are living in a state of fear. Please send this information out to as many people as possible. This is our urgent plea for help.”

While we (Don and Karen) are not living in fear for our lives, we do need your prayers, too. This weekend is the missions conference for our largest partner church. Please that we make important connections with new friends who show interest in reaching Muslims through our ministry. Please for at least 10 potential financial partners.

May the God of the nations richly bless you with His mercy from the Prince of Peace,

Don and Karen

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