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Daily Praise July 11
I cannot live without You, because You are my lifeline, my support system. The fresh air of Your Spirit is so invigorating, it gives me energy to continue on with the itinerary of the day.

Your Spirit is my super pick-me-up. You pep me up! Please fill me with Your full potency. Turn it up, pour it on. You are my strength, my power. Thank You that I can breathe in all I want of You, and feel renewed. You rejuvenate me, revitalize me and revive me. The fresh, clean, pure air of Your Spirit sparks me to life again. You reactivate me! You rekindle a fire within me. Each time I breathe deeply of Your Spirit, it's a new awakening. You are my resurrection. You've brought me back to life. Thank You for the vitality of Your Spirit.

Now I've had my pick-me-up, and I'm all refreshed. Your energy is running through my veins, and I'm ready to tackle the rest of the day.

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